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Save The Celery Fields

Thanks for visiting! The beauty of the Celery Fields, the beautiful birds and other wildlife, and your ability to enjoy nature in this gorgeous environment are under threat, and your help can make a difference. Please get involved today.

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SURPRISE: Sarasota County Commission Chooses to Protect the Celery Fields!

What began as a mere presentation by County Staff yesterday ended as a huge win for people of all generations who will enjoy the Celery Fields for years to come. In a unanimous vote, Commissioners moved to place a “Conservation Easement” on 3 of the 4 Quads parcels at the corner of Apex Road & …

Fresh Start for the Celery Fields

Update: Please email your ideas to What ideas? Read for details: As you are aware, the big fight in 2017 was successful. We fended off two development projects that could have had a devastating effect (especially in combination with one another) on the beautiful Celery Fields. However, the fight is not over. Sarasota County Commissioners …

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Your Help Can Make a Difference!

Maybe you can attend public hearings, make phone calls or perhaps write emails or letters. Maybe all you have time for is to just sign a petition. No matter what your involvement level, even small actions add up to make a big difference!

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